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by Rich Lewry •  • 38 comments

Christmas Eve Boxes

Christmas Eve Boxes - What's All The Fuss About?

Here at The Personalised Gift Boutique our Christmas planning starts early and we are super excited this year to introduce our personalised Christmas Eve boxes!  Christmas Eve is one of the most exciting and magical days of the year. The days and weeks leading up to the big day can reach fever pitch by the time the 24th of December comes and the imminent arrival of Father Christmas and his Reindeers!    Christmas Eve boxes have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and this year they are set to take off and become a popular tradition of their own.....    Traditionally the boxes are for children to open on Christmas Eve to calm the excitement of the big day itself. It's also a great distraction for excited children if you want to get on with prepping the food and table for the following day. Give the kiddies their own personalised box for them to open, filled with treats, films, games or books to keep them entertained.The great thing about the boxes is they will be used year after year and are highly likely to become a family tradition.The personalisation means no festive arguments about whose box is whose! It's also a great idea for adults who are difficult to buy for. Who wouldn't like a personalised box on Christmas Eve filled with sweets, pyjamas and maybe a small (or large) tipple? We are hoping for one of these gorgeous boxes to appear magically under our tree this year. Here is The PGB guide to what they are and what they are not. With some useful and fun suggestions of what could go in them! What Christmas Eve boxes are: They are a thoughtful and helpful way of entertaining children or adults on Xmas eve; a way of spreading out the present giving over Christmas. It's the answer to the cry of 'can we open some presents on Christmas Eve?!' When the excitement gets too much. It's also a great idea if you are seeing family and friends on Christmas Eve only. They are also a good alternative to the Christmas Stocking. What Christmas Eve boxes are not: We believe this doesn't have to be another expense or faff but a great way to spread Xmas and the joy of giving. We also think that they make a fantastic gift idea for adults. A thoughtful personalised box filled with lots of lovely things that don't have to break the bank. We are not suggesting spending any more money than you would have normally spent. This is a good way of spreading the presents out over the holiday period. There are lots of inexpensive ways to fill the box, challenge yourself to a £10 limit which is easy if you head to your local pound shop .  To make things easy we have put together some ideas to fill your box with.  There is something for everyone regardless of whether you are watching the pennies this year or have some extra cash to splash.... For children:  Christmas DVD (Elf, The Snowman, Home Alone, etc) Letter from Santa Hot chocolate Pyjamas and slippers (perfect for Christmas morning's photos) Children's Christmas Breakfast Set Gold chocolate coins Christmas books Reindeer food (super easy to make - just oats and glitter!) Santa's magic key (not everyone has a chimney!) Christmas stocking or sack Christmas bubble bath Christmas decorations Family Board Game to play on Xmas eve Hot chocolate powder and a Xmas mug For adults: Christmas DVD (Star Wars, It's a Wonderful Life, Die Hard are some of our faves) Popcorn Festive Ale/Beer Hot chocolate Sweeties (mmm... Fangtastics) A good bottle of wine A festive tipple (Gin, Whisky, Brandy) CD of Christmas songs Festive Fizz (what woman wouldn't want a personalised bottle of Prosecco?!) Pyjamas and slippers (perfect for Christmas morning's photos) Gold chocolate coins  Christmas stocking Christmas bubble bath Christmas decorations  Mince pies Red nail varnish Christmas morning coffee mug, Hot water