Christmas Eve Boxes - What's All The Fuss About? October 20 2017

Here at The Personalised Gift Boutique our Christmas planning starts early and we are super excited this year to introduce our personalised Christmas Eve boxes

Christmas Eve is one of the most exciting and magical days of the year. The days and weeks leading up to the big day can reach fever pitch by the time the 24th of December comes and the imminent arrival of Father Christmas and his Reindeers! 


Christmas Eve boxes have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and this year they are set to take off and become a popular tradition of their own..... 


Traditionally the boxes are for children to open on Christmas Eve to calm the excitement of the big day itself. It's also a great distraction for excited children if you want to get on with prepping the food and table for the following day. Give the kiddies their own personalised box for them to open, filled with treats, films, games or books to keep them entertained.

The great thing about the boxes is they will be used year after year and are highly likely to become a family tradition.

The personalisation means no festive arguments about whose box is whose! It's also a great idea for adults who are difficult to buy for. Who wouldn't like a personalised box on Christmas Eve filled with sweets, pyjamas and maybe a small (or large) tipple? We are hoping for one of these gorgeous boxes to appear magically under our tree this year.

Here is The PGB guide to what they are and what they are not. With some useful and fun suggestions of what could go in them!

What Christmas Eve boxes are:

They are a thoughtful and helpful way of entertaining children or adults on Xmas eve; a way of spreading out the present giving over Christmas. It's the answer to the cry of 'can we open some presents on Christmas Eve?!'

When the excitement gets too much. It's also a great idea if you are seeing family and friends on Christmas Eve only. They are also a good alternative to the Christmas Stocking.

What Christmas Eve boxes are not:

We believe this doesn't have to be another expense or faff but a great way to spread Xmas and the joy of giving. We also think that they make a fantastic gift idea for adults. A thoughtful personalised box filled with lots of lovely things that don't have to break the bank.

We are not suggesting spending any more money than you would have normally spent. This is a good way of spreading the presents out over the holiday period.

There are lots of inexpensive ways to fill the box, challenge yourself to a £10 limit which is easy if you head to your local pound shop


To make things easy we have put together some ideas to fill your box with.  There is something for everyone regardless of whether you are watching the pennies this year or have some extra cash to splash....

For children: 

For adults:

  • Christmas DVD (Star Wars, It's a Wonderful Life, Die Hard are some of our faves)
  • Popcorn
  • Festive Ale/Beer
  • Hot chocolate
  • Sweeties (mmm... Fangtastics)
  • A good bottle of wine
  • A festive tipple (Gin, Whisky, Brandy)
  • CD of Christmas songs
  • Festive Fizz (what woman wouldn't want a personalised bottle of Prosecco?!)
  • Pyjamas and slippers (perfect for Christmas morning's photos)
  • Gold chocolate coins 
  • Christmas stocking
  • Christmas bubble bath
  • Christmas decorations 
  • Mince pies
  • Red nail varnish
  • Christmas morning coffee mug,
  • Hot water

    Best Gifts for Mother's Day 2017 March 03 2017

    Make Mum feel Special with a Personalised Gift this Mother's Day

    Mother’s day is just around the corner and here at The Personalised Gift Boutique we have 100’s of unique gifts to make your Mum feel special.

    At The PGB we are not fans of the same old generic presents that get rolled out every year for Mother’s day with little thought; a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers. Although it’s always lovely to receive them it’s not very inspiring and is certainly not distinct or special. That’s why we love what we do!


    Why not treat your Mum to a one-off personalised gift?  Whatever your Mum loves we can guarantee we have something for her. Whether she’s a Tea, Gin or Prosecco drinker, or a superstar in the kitchen ,we have it sorted. And long after the generic chocs have been eaten and the flowers have wilted your gift will sure to take pride of place and the envy of all Mum's friends!

    So without further ado here are top five picks for the best Mother's Day gifts in 2017. So just sit back, relax and enjoy being your Mums favourite on the 26 March.

    Happy shopping from the PGB team.......

    Personalised hand cut glass diamante heart vase with Swarovski elements

    Who doesn’t like a bit of bling? And after months of grey miserable weather this is the perfect feel good gift to add some sparkle as we move into spring!

    You can add in any message and it comes presented in a folding box.

    Why not add your Mum's favourite bunch of flowers to complete the gift. With fantastic customer reviews this is sure to be a winner!




    Personalised Pink Teapot

    Behind every great Mum is a substantial amount of tea!

    Calling all tea loving Mums, this is the perfect present for the Mum that enjoys a pot or 5 of tea a day! This fantastic quality ceramic teapot comes with the wording ‘World’s Best’ as standard leaving you to be creative with the rest of your message.

    The beauty of this gift is that it will be used every day, making your Mum feel extra special every time she pours a much needed cuppa!


    Personalised Bottle of Gin

    Good friends offer advice, real friends offer Gin!

    With 5 star reviews and lots of happy customers (of course it’s gin!) we don’t think you can go wrong with a personalised bottle of Gin. With spring and summer just around the corner this is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Your Mum will be able to relax and enjoy a refreshing G&T in the sunshine with the added bonus of being reminded how special she is every time she pours a glass.

    Add a pack of quality tonic to the gift so she can start enjoying straight away! (Well as long as it’s after midday!)



    Personalised Forget me not Ceramic Vase

    If bling is not your Mum's thing how about this pretty personalised ceramic vase?

    A gift that can be used year after year and would look great on a windowsill, bedside or mantelpiece why not go the extra mile and add in your Mums favourite bouquet for an extra special treat!

    You can have any message you like printed on the vase but by far our most popular message can be seen on the image here...


    Personalised Prosecco

    All you need is Love and Prosecco

    We know how easy it is to pop into any supermarket and pick up a bottle of basic fizz these days. How about saving your time and energy and order your Mum her own personalised bottle with a few quick clicks?

    You can guarantee that way your Mum will get the bottle to herself and only share as necessary – hopefully a glass or two with you!

    The Prosecco comes with the option to come packaged in a silk lined box, so you don’t have the hassle of wrapping – Cheers!


    Personalised Tea Hamper

    If you are feeling super generous why not add this brilliant tea hamper to the personalised teapot to complete the gift? Both gifts complement each other and will look fab in the kitchen! The tea sets contain a personalised mug, three tea caddies with a selection of luxury tea bags - English breakfast, English Afternoon and Earl Grey.  Your Mum will be able to re-use the gift box as a handy storage box once it’s empty. Four Gifts in one!


    We have 100’s of other Mother’s Day gifts to choose from so please visit our online shop here:

    Happy Mother’s Day from The PGB team!

    Valentine’s Day and Love Is In The Air! February 03 2017


    Here at The Personalised Gift Boutique we love Valentine’s Day....

    ...and in anticipation of the most romantic day of the year we have been sourcing some fantastic personalised gifts for our customers.

    We love the idea of so many happy customers and their Valentines opening their gifts on the 14th. It’s so easy to send a thoughtful unique gift by using our extremely friendly and easy to use website rather than traipsing round the shops trying to find that something special and ending up with the same old box of chocolates and bunch of flowers – not very inspiring!

    What do you get the person that has everything on Valentine’s Day and how do you make that gift unique and special? This month the team at The PGB have done all the hard work for you so you can reap the romantic rewards! We have picked out a handful of unique personalised gifts below that we think you are going to love but we also have loads more personalised gifts on our website: take a look!

    We have included some of our best sellers and some new gifts that have arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day. Find a unique personalised surprise for your Valentine this February, and as always our promise to you: great quality, low prices and free delivery!

    Personalised Love Birds Heart Cheese Board

    This delightful heart shaped romantic board shows Lovebirds sitting on a wire, and you are able to personalise it with names and a special date.

    This is a perfect gift for any cheese lover, not only do you get a great quality personalised wooden cheese board but also a set of 3 cheese knives.

    Made from Hevea wood which is environmentally friendly. Just add your favourite selection of cheese and your loved ones favourite bottle of wine and settle in for a romantic cheese feast!




    Personalised Prosecco and Chocolates

    Once the wine has run dry and the chocolates eaten your lucky recipient can keep the personalised bottle which includes their name and your unique message.

    At The Personalised Gift Boutique we believe you can’t go wrong with a bottle of fizz and a selection of chocolate truffles on Valentine’s Day. Add the rich smooth quality of delicious chocolate truffles to a bottle of crisp and fruity Prosecco and you have a match (and gift) made in heaven. Not only are these two luxurious treats presented together, but your bottle even includes a personalised label.




    Personalised Infinity Necklace and Keepsake Box

    We love this infinity necklace which was added to our boutique in 2016. Not only can you personalise the necklace you can personalised the keepsake box too!

    This definitely is a present for the person in your life who has everything or extremely difficult to buy for.

    This necklace is so versatile it can be worn on a dressed down day or evening style depending on the occasion. Both your initials on the necklace will ensure you stay close to their heart, even when you are not there!



    Personalised Valentines Oak Photo Cube Keepsake Box 




    We are very excited about this special edition of our best selling real Oak Photo Cube.  We are sure this romantic gift will be a hit with your Valentine’s; it certainly would be with us!  The cube comes with a window on each side so you can display 5 photos of your choice.

    The lid is personalised with up to four lines of personalisation. As an extra bonus the keepsake box comes filled with 30 delicious Belgian chocolate hearts.

    Once the choccies have been scoffed, you are able to use the cube as both a photo frame and a keepsake box. The perfect multifunctional, romantic gift.

    The Name Game January 30 2017 6 Comments

    Here at Personalised Gift Solutions we have some exciting news!  We are changing our name to (drum roll please.....)

    We have been working hard behind the scenes. As well as sending all our lovely customers high quality personalised gifts we have been taking stock of our small family run business.  We have been working on a friendlier name to celebrate the success of our first 2 & 1/2 years in business. Of course we couldn’t have done it without you, our valued customers - so thank you!

    When we first started our venture back in 2014, we chose the name Personalised Gift Solutions.  As much as we like it, it is rather long and very much a hangover from our corporate upbringing!

    Nearly 3 years on, and with lots of experience and thousands of happy customers under our belt, we wanted our business to reflect the high quality personalised gifts that are making so many of you and your friends and family happy!  Hence The Personalised Gift Boutique was born.

    The Personalised Gift Boutique reflects our values as a company:

    We expect good quality and fantastic customer service when we shop and so should our customers. We would not put up with a website that is difficult to navigate, extra charges at the checkout till for delivery and waiting days for a response to a query and neither should you. We are constantly testing this out so you get a brilliant 5 star customer service.  Please read our reviews from our happy customers.

    Our values at the PGB reflect what we as consumers ourselves want:

    • Sourcing high quality gifts that are unique and made in the UK
    • Keeping the prices low for our customers
    • Offering free delivery and no hidden costs
    • Making friends and family feel special with unique and thoughtful personalised gifts
    • A website that is extremely easy to use and navigate

    In the early days we started off with a handful of gifts, trying and testing what our customers would like and gradually we have added more and more to our site. We now stock nearly 1000 unique and personalised gifts and we are constantly keeping a look out for the next gift to add to our growing shop. Our shop keeps expanding and that makes us both very happy!

    Our new domain names also make it much easier for you to find us! Not only do we have and but we have the much shorter and catchier which will be our primary address moving forward.

    We will continue to grow, learn and improve over the coming months and years. We are as passionate about what we do as we are making people happy – just take a look at our Happy Wall

    We love our new name and we hope you do to?  We really value your feedback, so please do let us know what you think.... 

    Best Wishes,
    Rich and Jane.

    It's beginning to look a bit like Christmas.... November 03 2016

    OK so we're still a little way off at the moment but now that the Ghosts and Ghouls of Halloween are firmly behind us, it's time to turn our attention to the most magical time of year.... Christmas!!!

    We know how hard it is trying to think of original and meaningful gifts for all of your family and friends, so we have created a Festive Gift Guide to make your life easier...

    If you are an existing customer of ours you should be getting your own version through your letter box any day now!  

    For the rest of you, and for convenience, you can view a PDF version (low res) of the gift guide online by clicking below...

    PGS Christmas Gift Guide

    Remember this is just a selection of our fantastic gifts, with every single one personalised just for you...

    Happy Shopping!

    Rich & Jane.

    Just when you thought our checkout couldn't be any simpler.... November 03 2016

    We go and introduce Apple Pay to our store to compliment our existing payment methods (Cards and Paypal)....

    Typing your address and credit card details will soon be a thing of the past.

    From the start of November 2016 you will be able to quickly and securely check out from our store using Safari on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac by simply tapping the Apple Pay button and scanning your fingerprint.

    What's Behind The Magic Door?? April 13 2016

    We are very excited to bring you our latest Personalised Children's Book to bring a bit of extra sparkle in your favourite little one's life...

    In this story your child is the star. Each book is unique with a custom made rhyming story and illustrations for every name, for example: S-O-P-H-I-E would meet a Snake, Owl, Peacock, Hyena, Iguana and Elephant; where E-T-H-A-N would meet an Elephant, Tortoise, Hyena, Alien and Ninja. Who will your child meet ?

    Behind the Magic Door

    With your child’s name on the cover, a personal dedication option, characters spelling out their name and their name appearing on ‘the Magic Door’ at the end for the big reveal, this is a genuine keepsake gift that they will treasure for ever!

    For full details head over here....

    Brand New Personalised Books now in stock for Christmas November 04 2015

    Check out our latest fully personalised Childrens Disney Books.  

    Personalised Children's Disney Books

    The highlight of the bunch is the brand new Personalised Star Wars Adventure book.  For the first time ever your child and their friends can star in the original (and still the best) Star Wars story!

    Other new editions include Personalised Frozen Fever (the follow up to the blockbusting Frozen original), Ballerina Barbie, and not forgetting those adventurous pups in Paw Patrol!

    All books feature the child star and 3 friends names as well as their birthday and town to make them really feel part of the adventure.

    Back To School Time September 03 2015

    After weeks of laughter and tears it's finally time to send the kids back off to school - phew!!

    Why not ease the guilt and send them off in style with our new range of personalised back to school gifts....

    The Biggest FA Cup Shock in Football History? January 31 2015

    There's nothing we like more than cup upset at and last Saturday's FA Cup fourth round ties did not let us down!  The fact that 4 of the top 6 Premier League teams were knocked out on the same day is unheard of.  The fact that the top 2 Premiership giants, backed by their foreign billions, were both beaten by teams in lower leagues is astounding!  The last time the current top two teams in the top-flight exited the FA Cup on the same day was on 6 January 1951. Add to that one of those teams, Bradford City, conceding 2 early goals at Stamford Bridge, and the final outcome is almost impossible to believe.  Yet on Saturday 24th January 2015 this exactly what unfolded before our eyes...

    6000 excited Bantams fans made the long trek from West Yorkshire down to the capital, I suspect as much a for a fun day out than anything else.  Not even the most die-hard Bantam could admit that they expected to still be in the competition come 5pm, but boy were they in for a treat!   

    Even the "special one", Jose Mourinho stated before the game that being knocked out of the cup at home to Bradford would be a "disgrace".  His confidence is understandable given Chelsea have not lost at home this season and a Mourinho team have never shipped 4 goals at home!  However, these words that would later come back to haunt him.

    Things all started according to script well enough after Petr Cech made a "worldly" save to deny Andrew Davies' diving header.  Gary Cahill neatly flicked in an Oscar corner on 21 mins before Ramires started and completed a lovely passing move to make it 2-0 coming up to half time.  Just before the break however, Bradford gave themsleves hope as Jon Stead blasted home from the edge of the box in to the top corner of the net.  So half time and 2-1 to the Blues...

    Chelsea huffed and puffed as you expect in the 2nd half but failed to turn their superior possession in to goals as Bradford defended for their lives.  In fact it was Bradford who made the next breakthrough. Philipe Morais, released by Mourinho as a Chelsea youngster, capitalised on a goal mouth scramble to put the ball in to an empty net to bring the scored level again with only 15 mins left on the clock....could they hold on for a replay?!

    You bet they could! On 82 minutes Jon Stead cut the ball back to Andrew Halliday who produced a calm finish from outside the box.  Stamford Bridge was stunned, except for the jubilant Bradford City players and fans who could barely believe what was unfolding before their eyes. The last thing they wanted was 7 minutes of injury time...surely the top team in the country would rescue themselves against their League One counterparts.  

    Sure enough there was an injury time goal but against all the odds it was yet another for Bradford, and what a goal it was too!  Intricate passing between Stead and substitute Yeates put the latter clean through against Cech to deftly slot the ball in to the far corner - a move right out of the Chelsea tippy tappy handbook. Cue scenes of complete shock all round the stadium.  There can be no doubt that Bradford thoroughly deserved their victory and it will be one that lives in the memory forever.  

    Hit the images below to see more details of our Bradford City gifts created especially to celebrate this stunning victory...

       Bradford City Football Mug


    Man City 0 Middlesbrough 2 - FA Cup 4th Round 24 Jan 2015 January 30 2015

    On any other day Manchester City losing at home to a Championship team would be the top story, so City have a lot to thank Chelsea for in that respect!  It may not have been as entertaining as the Chelsea vs Bradford City match but lets not take anything away from a superb performance from an increasingly impressive Middlesbrough team.

    Boro are currently flying high in the Championship and are gaining in confidence under the leadership of Spaniard Aitor Karanka.  Even so, this looked to be a step too far against a Man City team who are also now in good form after a slow start to the season.  City may not have had all their big guns starting but it was nevertheless a strong City line up, particularly with a fit again Sergio Augero returning up front.

    City started the game brightly and forced a number of great saves from 'Boro keeper, Tomas Mejias, who was in for the rested Dimi Konstantopoulos. He made a string of fine saves the best of which kept out fierce long range drives first from James Milner and then David Silva. City then had strong claim for a penalty after defender Daniel Ayala used his arm to block a Kolarov run but referee Phil Dowd couldn't see it.  So despite all their first half dominance City had nothing to show for it at the break.

    Middlesbrough started the 2nd half looking much sharper and on 53 minutes Albert Adomah determinedly chased down Vincent Kompany's under-hit back-pass and as the balled lurched towards the goal line, Patrick Bamford (on loan from Chelsea), slid in to force the ball home.  Not the prettiest of goals but that did not bother the travelling army of Middlesbrough in the slightest!

    The game then flowed from end to end with City having the lion's share of possession but Boro looking very dangerous on the break.  Indeed Lee Tomlin was so unlucky to hit the inside of the post after a beautiful turn to leave Kompany for dead!  Next it was City's turn to strike the woodwork as substitute Frank Lampard's deflected shot also came back off the inside of the post!

    As the game moved in to injury time City pushed on to try and save their blushes for a 2nd season running.  However, it was substitute Kike who calmly struck a second on the break for the visitors ensuring they progress to the next round (holding on to keep a sixth clean sheet in seven games in the process).

    Hit the images below to see more details of our Middlesbrough gifts created especially to celebrate this stunning victory...


    Southampton 8 Sunderland 0 - Saint's Best Match Ever?!?! October 18 2014

    Southampton achieved their biggest ever top flight victory in front of nearly 30,000 ecstatic Saint's fans at St Mary's stadium.  The sorry Black Cats were sent on the long trip back up north with their tails firmly between their legs after an 8-0 drubbing!

    Saint's are now up to 3rd in the Premier League table but can they remain there for the season after this best match ever.....

    Go to to find unique personalised football gifts based on this and Southampton's other Best Matches Ever....

    Leicester City Thrash Man Utd after being 3-1 down... October 03 2014

    The Foxes produced a spirited fightback from 3-1 down to stun Man Utd and move up to 7th place in the Premier League. Utd started brightly enough and quickly went two goals up courtesy of a Van Persie header and an exquisite chip from Di Maria. However, before Louis Van Gaal had even finished celebrating, Leicester were back in the game. Leonardo Ulloa's bullet header reducing the deficit before the break. A clever Ander Herrera's back heel restored United's lead early in the second half but everything changed on the hour mark.  Referee Mark Clattenburg gave a highly debatable penalty as Vardy went down at the slightest touch.  David Nugent fired home the spot kick and the Foxes were back in the game again.  From here on in Leicester dominated Utd and amazingly a further three goals followed for the home side.  First Cambiasso struck on his home debut before Man of the Match Vardy broke clear to calmly slot the ball past a dazed De Gea.  To put the icing on the cake the Foxes were awarded a second penalty (correctly this time) which record signing Ulloa dispatched to complete an amazing turnaround.  Could this be Leicester's best match ever... 

    New My Best Match Ever Design Launched July 02 2014

    In June this year Personalised Gift Solutions launched it's new design for the My Best Match Ever brand.

    The design, simply named Wonky, is based on a cartoon style football pitch and stadium with a wonky goal. The design is bright and vivid with a giant cartoon style scoreboard containing the details of the favourite football match.

    The design comes in a range of 10 different colours to match those of your footy team.  For example, Hull City matches are displayed against an orange and black background whilst Aston Villa, West Ham, and Burnley are set against their traditional claret and blue colours.

    To see these unique designs just head over to or