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What's Behind The Magic Door??

by Rich Lewry |

We are very excited to bring you our latest Personalised Children's Book to bring a bit of extra sparkle in your favourite little one's life...

In this story your child is the star. Each book is unique with a custom made rhyming story and illustrations for every name, for example: S-O-P-H-I-E would meet a Snake, Owl, Peacock, Hyena, Iguana and Elephant; where E-T-H-A-N would meet an Elephant, Tortoise, Hyena, Alien and Ninja. Who will your child meet ?

Behind the Magic Door

With your child’s name on the cover, a personal dedication option, characters spelling out their name and their name appearing on ‘the Magic Door’ at the end for the big reveal, this is a genuine keepsake gift that they will treasure for ever!

For full details head over here....

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