The Name Game January 30 2017 6 Comments

Here at Personalised Gift Solutions we have some exciting news!  We are changing our name to (drum roll please.....)

We have been working hard behind the scenes. As well as sending all our lovely customers high quality personalised gifts we have been taking stock of our small family run business.  We have been working on a friendlier name to celebrate the success of our first 2 & 1/2 years in business. Of course we couldn’t have done it without you, our valued customers - so thank you!

When we first started our venture back in 2014, we chose the name Personalised Gift Solutions.  As much as we like it, it is rather long and very much a hangover from our corporate upbringing!

Nearly 3 years on, and with lots of experience and thousands of happy customers under our belt, we wanted our business to reflect the high quality personalised gifts that are making so many of you and your friends and family happy!  Hence The Personalised Gift Boutique was born.

The Personalised Gift Boutique reflects our values as a company:

We expect good quality and fantastic customer service when we shop and so should our customers. We would not put up with a website that is difficult to navigate, extra charges at the checkout till for delivery and waiting days for a response to a query and neither should you. We are constantly testing this out so you get a brilliant 5 star customer service.  Please read our reviews from our happy customers.

Our values at the PGB reflect what we as consumers ourselves want:

  • Sourcing high quality gifts that are unique and made in the UK
  • Keeping the prices low for our customers
  • Offering free delivery and no hidden costs
  • Making friends and family feel special with unique and thoughtful personalised gifts
  • A website that is extremely easy to use and navigate

In the early days we started off with a handful of gifts, trying and testing what our customers would like and gradually we have added more and more to our site. We now stock nearly 1000 unique and personalised gifts and we are constantly keeping a look out for the next gift to add to our growing shop. Our shop keeps expanding and that makes us both very happy!

Our new domain names also make it much easier for you to find us! Not only do we have and but we have the much shorter and catchier which will be our primary address moving forward.

We will continue to grow, learn and improve over the coming months and years. We are as passionate about what we do as we are making people happy – just take a look at our Happy Wall

We love our new name and we hope you do to?  We really value your feedback, so please do let us know what you think.... 

Best Wishes,
Rich and Jane.